Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Hugo Grenville at Wally Findlay

Hugo Grenville's work will be exhibited this month at the Wally Findlay gallery in NYC. I am typically not drawn to pastel colors but there is a hopefulness to his painting that really draws me in.

He describes his work in this show by saying, "We live in troubled times, but the paintings in this catalogue are inspired by the belief that the recognition of beauty is transformative, that we can be uplifted by it, and that we can celebrate its sheer delight. There is both a comfort and pleasure to be found in harmonies of colour and the balancing of shapes. The arrangement of light, line and the selection of different palettes, that work like the limitations imposed by a key and time signature in music. They are tools to express a sense of optimism, contemplation and serenity. "
Wally Findlay Gallery, 124 East 74th Street, NYC

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