Sunday, October 23, 2011

Precious Stones

I found this amazing line of precious and gem stone slabs while looking with a client at Cumar for kitchen counter tops. They are all handmade and extraordinary looking in person. They are suitable for indoor applications and available in limited quantities. Here are some of my favorites with a fascinating explanation from Cumar of what they are made from:


This stone has its origins in the first microbe on this earth. The Stromata microbe was the first living thing on the planet earth (over 3 Billion years old) and was the source of the increase in oxygen from 2% to 22% and so enabling humans to exist. It is a sea algae which still lives in a few localities, notably western Australia. This panel is made from many specimen pieces of Stromatolite to magnify its unique wavy pattern, which is a distinguishing mark of this particular stone.


Classic Quartz is one of the most beautiful of all precious stones. It is probably the best-known precious stone because of its association with healing throughout history. Each slab of these specially selected specimens of Classic Quartz has been painstakingly laid out and hand assembled to take full advantage of the markings in this precious stone.


It took over 240 million years to create this precious stone from Madagascar, where rare specimens of petrified wood are blended together with magnificent ammonites and chambered nautilus. Petrified wood has been preserved for millions of years by the process of petrification. The process turns wood into quartz crystal. It is harder than steel. Some pieces of petrified wood have retained the original cellular structure of the wood and the year rings can be easily seen.


Calcite is a calming stone, highly healing. It stimulates the metabolism and it reinforces the immune system. It reinforces the bones, purifies the blood and regularizes the heartbeat. It helps the spleen and the pancreas and it removes tensions that prevent vitality, creativity, emotions.


The precious stone tiger iron gemstone forms naturally when golden tiger eye, red and yellow jasper and black hematite quartz band together forming a ripple pattern of vibrant colour.  This is considered the three in one crystal for its trio of grounding qualities. The Tiger eye grounds and give patience, Hematite grounds the self for emotional protection and Red Jasper is know to connect one to the earth.

These slabs are truly pieces of art.  I can envision using them as a feature wall, similar to this application: 

Interior by Kelly Wearstler

Or wrapping a structural column to make it the focal point of the room:

Interior by S.R. Gambrel

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